JACK: The Environmentally Friendly Personal Transporter.

The JACK electric scooter is stylish, lightweight, and completely foldable, as well as powerful enough to get you to and from work without breaking a sweat. It plugs into any outlet, and takes you up to 12 miles per charge. The perfect solution to the common “last mile” commuting problem, JACK easily fits in the trunk of your car and is ready go when you need it the most.

Meet the Makers

Ever wonder who creates awesome products like this? Let us introduce you…

John Kock
Founder, Springtime
Marcel Schreuder
Founder, LEEV Mobility
Renze Rispens
Product Designer
Sebastiaan van Oost
Product Designer
Giovanni Doci
Product Designer
Sanne Pelgröm

JACK’s dutch creators, Springtime and LEEV Mobility, won a Core77 Design Award and were finalists in the SPARK Awards in 2013. After a few additional months of development and fund raising, they’re on the verge of an official launch.



Springtime Team, image via Core77.

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